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GSP Just for Parents

Notes for Parents:

This day is about recognizing the presence of Christ in both others and ourselves. This includes both serving Christ in those around us and also admitting our need to allow others to serve Christ in ourselves. The climax of the talk is when we realize that we are not only the Good Samaritan, but also the victim in that story. And admitting our woundedness can be difficult, but is necessary in order for Christ to genuinely heal us.

  1. Be sure to think through service each morning with your teen. What will they do for the morning and afternoon shifts today, and how can you help make that a good experience for them? 

  2. What is one way I, as parent, can show humility and vulnerability with my family? ​

  3. After the evening programming is finished, have a heart-to-heart with your son or daughter. How was tonight's talk? What stood out to you? When he spoke about hurt and woundedness, what comes to mind? How can I help you find healthy ways to deal with that hurt? And pray with your son or daughter to close out your discussion.

  4. These are the questions that we will be asking on Zoom call. It's ok to ask your child some of these questions:

  • What is your favorite movie of all time? Pick at least a top three.

  • How did you see Christ in those you served today?

  • What stood out to you in Keith's talk?

  • Which person in the story are you most familiar with in your life (priest, Levite, Samaritan, victim, robbers)?

  • What is most challenging about being called to be like the Good Samaritan?

  • What do we do with our woundedness? Put differently, what are healthy, appropriate ways to deal with our hurt? 

  • How do we learn to more easily recognize Christ in others and in ourselves?


 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.

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