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The vision of the Good Samaritan Project is to bring youth to the poor and underprivileged members of the Tampa Bay area through service and prayer.

The mission of the Good Samaritan Project is work towards the betterment of our community through our five pillars: Growth, Service, Prayer, Community and Leadership.

The goal of the Good Samaritan Project is to grow in the virtue of stewardship to advance the quality of life both during GSP and everyday after. 



Good Samaritan Project gives new and unique opportunities to serve our community in ways many have never experienced before. 

More than just a retreat, Good Samaritan Project is an experience focused on growth for not only the community we serve but for ourselves. 

The challenges that the participants are faced with create a deep and personal experience that aids in personal development and growth.


Each day will be spent doing various activities based on the needs of the organizations we are asked to serve. In the past, such responsibilities have including painting, housecleaning, and yard work, helping at day care centers for low income families by assisting with the children’s programs, working at homeless shelters, or helping at centers that distribute food to the needy. Experienced adult leaders will visit the sites alongside the youth to check on workmanship and provide help when needed.


The exact sites for our program are still being finalized. We will be keeping participating parishes updated as our list of sites is completed.


GSP strives to bring young people to Christ through the Sacraments. During Good Samaritan Project, teens get the opportunity to experience Eucharistic Adoration, Confession, and Daily Mass. 

In addition to offering Sacraments, GSP offers both individual and communal prayer opportunities through the day. Each activity we do is focused on prayer and is done striving to glorify God. 


As a united church, the Good Samaritan Project gathers together the young people of the Diocese of St. Petersburg to influence our community in positive ways. GSP supports the fostering of friendship and community in the Tampa Bay area through Growth, Service, and Prayer. 

Not only do we learn more about our community but about each other. Friendships that span across county and Parish lines help unite our Diocesan Parishes and Schools.


GSP is committed to forming effective leaders through Liturgical formation, service, and community building. Each year, the young people who attend GSP gain useful tools that translate to a long-lasting service mindset.


It is important that GSP participants leave with a servants heart. The Diocese of St. Petersburg and Good Samaritan Project promote an ongoing desire to serve the community past just the week of GSP. 

Through the intentional forming of relationships between GSP, the DOSP, and service organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area, we are committed to continuing volunteer and service efforts all year long.


 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Catholic Ministry Appeal.

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