The vision of the Good Samaritan Project is to bring youth to the poor and underprivileged members of the Tampa Bay area through service and prayer.

The mission of the Good Samaritan Project is work towards the betterment of our community through our five pillars: Growth, Service, Prayer, Community and Leadership.

The goal of the Good Samaritan Project is to grow in the virtue of stewardship to advance the quality of life both during GSP and everyday after. 


Through our five pillars, the Good Samaritan Project is committed to the furthering of the community we love and live in. 

We are all called to serve. Some are called to serve those who serve. We call them the "Project Team".

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We love our community and the agencies that make them better. As we get closer, we will highlight them here!

We know you have a lot of questions. We try to have all the answers.


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