Ways to Serve

Wednesday Service Challenge and Ideas:

Today's challenge is to look for the presence of Christ in those you serve today. Be intentional about trying to serve Jesus - do the work as if it were directly for Him! 

  • Clean a sibling’s room

  • Do the laundry, mop the floors, or clean the garage

  • Make the meals to give your parents the day off

  • Write letters or get crafty and make a card for people in a nearby nursing homes or hospital

  • Write letters or get crafty and make a card for soldiers

  • If ydou are crafty, find a simple pattern for making masks and donate what you make to your parish.

  • Pray Lectio Divina on the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37) and talk about it with someone in your home

  • Write a thank you note to your parents, priests, youth ministers, teachers or other important people in your life, thanking them for making you who you are today, telling them you see Christ in them.

  • Identify a senior citizen (family, friend, neighbor?) whom you could go grocery shopping for, and offer to go shopping for their desired grocery list.

  • Clean out your pantry or closet, or go shopping, and deliver needed items (food, toiletries, clothes) to your parish’s St. Vincent de Paul or Knights of Columbus.

Wednesday Teen Reflection Questions While Serving:

While serving today, think about these things: 

  • Is it easy to love the person I am serving right now? ​Why or why not?

  • When I think about serving Jesus - present in that person - does it become easier to serve the person? 

  • Is it difficult to recognize Christ in other people? Why or why not?

Take pictures and tag @GoodSamProject and remember #GSPRecognize!