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GSP Just for Parents

This day is about remembering that each of us is made in the image and likeness of God and are fundamentally good. We cover up the good in us through selfishness and sin, yet our sacredness remains. 

  1. Help your teen select meaningful service opportunities that will actually push and stretch them a little. Help them to get dirty today.

  2. Because of the reflection on holiness and sin, today or tomorrow (or any day this week) would be good days to either get to the church for Confession or at least to do a family examination of conscience. (Don't be afraid if it's been a while! We have attached an examination of conscience to help you get started. The priests at you nearby church are eager to welcome you into the Sacrament!)

  3. Take some time to pray about how you have failed to acknowledge​ the holiness of others, including yourself and your own family. Ask the Lord for forgiveness, and choose one thing to do today that will put you back on the path to holiness. ​

  4. Pope Francis describes the young as being "Holy Ground". Can you see "Holy Ground" in your child/children? Tell them how. They need to know.

  5. This is a good day for parents to look ahead to Friday's service activity. You may want to look at it with your teen early in the week, select a local agency, and call now to set up an opportunity to help there on Friday.

  6. These are the questions that we will be asking on Zoom call. It's ok to ask your child some of these questions:​

  • How did the first day of service go? How dirty did you get today?

  • What is meant by “you are holy ground”?

  • If its true that Christ is in us and we really are holy, then why don’t I always feel that way?

  • When was a time when you pulled some weeds but intentionally left the roots? 

  • What weeds need to be pulled from your heart today? Is the garden of your heart ready?

  • What can I do to soften or clean my heart? How do we "pull the weeds and get the roots"?


 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.

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