Thursday - Theme and Schedule

Theme: Good News

All of chapter 4 inspired this day (see link below to PDF for Chapter 4).

"If in your heart you can learn to appreciate the beauty of this message, if you are willing to encounter the Lord, if you are willing to let him love you and save you, if you can make friends with him and start to talk to him, the living Christ, about the realities of your life, then you will have a profound experience capable of sustaining your entire Christian life. You will also be able to share that experience with other young people. For 'being a Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction,' (Christus Vivit, #129 - at the end quoting Pope Benedict in Deus Caritas Est).

Jesus was not a pushover. God’s two attributes are mercy AND justice, so we need to take this stuff seriously! But while God’s justice is still real, God’s mercy wins the day: enter the Good News. God loves you, Christ saves you, and Christ is alive: in you, active, tender like the Samaritan, calling you to greatness.

Read Chapter 4 of Pope Francis’ “Christ is Alive” – Click Here for a PDF - it's only 6 pages, do it!!

Daily Hashtag: #gspgoodnews

Encourage teens to share pictures of their service on Instagram or Facebook and use this hashtag. Please also use this hashtag to keep people connected throughout the day leading up to the evening program.


Recommended Schedule:

7:00am                  The Mornings Are Better with Melissa and Mike Video is released 

                                             Click Here to View

9:00am                  Live-streamed Mass with Fr. Chuck

                                             Click Here to View

9:30am                  Morning Service

                                             Visit today's "Ways to Serve" for suggested service ideas

12:00pm                Post a pic of your morning service to your story using #gspgoodnews

                               Be sure to tag us @GoodSamProject

                               Lunch Break

1:00pm                  Afternoon Service

                                             Return to the "Ways to Serve Tab" if you need additional projects

3:30pm                  Post a pic of your afternoon service to your story using #gspgoodnews

                                            Be sure to tag us @GoodSamProject

                               Afternoon Break/Shower (we can smell you in the Zoom!)

                               Dinner as a family or with friends

**The Goodnight Video and Worship/Talk Video will be released on at 7pm.

6:45pm                 Log into Diocesan/Parish Zoom -

                                               Contact your youth minister for the link

7:00pm                 Evening Program (via Zoom):

                                                 7:00 – Welcome/Check in

                                                 7:10 – First video - Click Here to View The Goodnight with Ryan                                                           and Kyle

                                                 7:20 – Transition Discussion

                                                 7:25 – Second Video - Click Here to View "GSP: Good News"                                                                 with Hannah Shea and Marisally Santiago

                                                 7:40 – Prayer 

                                                 7:42 – Parish Time

                                                             Ends whenever your parish conversation concludes