Monday - Theme and Schedule

Theme: Alive

"Christ is alive and he wants you to be alive!" (Christus Vivit, #1)

The world has been anything but normal with Coronavirus and quarantine, and we naturally miss normal life. Even GSP is weird this year. But we need to stop judging the life we are in today, accept and own it, and step up to be Good Samaritans. The world needs you to become the saint God made you to be. Christ is still alive and alive IN YOU. This is the exhortation to jump into GSP.

Daily Hashtag: #gspalive

Please use this hashtag to let us see your excitement! Show us how you are alive!

Monday Schedule:

Our evening show "The Goodnight with Ryan" will be released on our website, Facebook, and Instagram (IGTV). It will be followed by our evening session of prayer and worship with Hannah Shea and our keynote address by Jeremy Shoop. Both videos will be released at 7pm.

6:45pm                 Log into Diocesan/Parish Zoom call

                                               Contact your youth minister for the link.

7:00pm                 Evening Program (via Zoom):

                                                 7:00 – Welcome/Check in

                                                 7:10 – First video - Click Here to View The Goodnight with Ryan 

                                                 7:20 – Transition Discussion

                                                 7:25 – Second Video - Click Here to View "GSP: Alive" with Hannah                                                   Shea and Jeremy Shoop

                                                 7:40 – Prayer 

                                                 7:42 – Parish Time

                                                             Ends whenever your parish conversation concludes