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GSP Just for Parents

Tonight, please think about how you could facilitate your child having a quality experience this week. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Help your teen create a prayerful space in which they will be able to focus, listen to the daily videos, and enter into prayer. This can be in their bedroom, but consider making a family prayer space for this week. Start with a cross, but you can add a variety of extra items such as: bibles, candles, holy cards.

  2. Each day this week, visit the "Ways to Serve" tab for the day to check out the list of service ideas. Talk with your teen about the best option for her/him, and how you could help make it happen. They might need to choose one service idea for the morning and one for the afternoon. Challenge them to stay busy!

  3. Be sure to read our theme, challenge, and reflection questions. Enter into dialogue with your teen about these topics. Ask them what they are seeing as you dive deeper into service and different mind sets. 

  4. Pray for your daughter or son. Really spend some time talking to God about them, thanking God for the gift of your child, and asking the Holy Spirit to move in her/his heart this week.

  5. These are the questions that we will be asking on Zoom call. It's ok to ask your child some of these questions:

    • What has been the best and worst part of the past four months?

    • If you've been to GSP before, what was a favorite memory? 

    • Jeremy challenged us to be active participants this week. What is required of me to make this a good week of GSP: Quarantine Edition?

    • What questions do you have about the week?

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 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.

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