Hi everyone! My name is Madelyn and welcome to my website!! On this page, I will be sharing pictures of the sets that I am building for my fave American Girls!! I hope you like it! 

Madelyn's American Girl 

Meet Madelyn's American Girls!

I love showing off my American Girls!! 


Maggie loves ice pops on hot summer days, hot chocolate on cold winter days, and being center stage!! 


Willa loves exploring the outdoors, studying new plants, and working on extreme science projects...

Meet Madelyn's "Our Generation" Dolls

Do you think it was fun in your generation?!? Well, wait until you see what is happening in "Our Generation"!!


Keila loves fashion, art, and drama class. Her BFF is Maggie.


Susie loves learning at school. Her favorite subjects are English and Math!!! She is Willa's #BigSis

Meet our newest addition, Jenny!


Jenny is sweet and bubbly! She loves baking and cooking in the kitchen. Her friends are so lucky because they are all stuffed from all her sweet treats!

Featured Videos

Check back. Videos coming real soon!!! New videos released EVERY Saturday!!

Awesome OG room for Jenny and Carson
meet madelyn! 
Favorite Color:              My favorite colors are purple, gray, and teal
Favorite Food:                    Steamed clams from the Chinese Buffet
Favorite Book Series:             Dork Diaries
Favorite Ice Cream:               A tie between Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip                                Cookie Dough
Favorite YouTube Channel:    Chloe's American Girl Doll Channel
Favorite American Girl:          I love them all equally
Hobbies:                                  Reading and practicing American Girl Doll Videos
Personality:                             Sweet, Silly, and Bubbly
BFFs:                                   Clare W and Alba M and Jovi F