Joanna Jewell

Contact: Email:     Phone: 1-813-731-7693

Youth Minister, St Stephen's Catholic Church - Brandon

Areas of Specialty:

  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Confirmation
  • Music (Prayer and Worship)
  • Theology of the Body/Chastity/Sexuality
  • Ecumenical Dialogue
  • Other:
    • The Saints: Our Companions to Heaven​
    • The World Needs your Gifts Now
    • Responding to Our Human Dignity
    • From Discerning Religious Life to Marriage
    • Darkness to Light: Leaving a Life of Witchcraft for Jesus
    • Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse: Becoming Free in Christ
    • Holiness is a Choice: Becoming the Saints of Tomorrow, Today! 
    • Traversing the Psychological and Emotional Obstacles of Spiritual Development