Ways to Serve

Friday Service Challenge and Ideas:

Today's challenge is a little different. Normally at GSP, we would go serve at local agencies that help people in a variety of ways. Your challenge is to pick the group of people you most feel called to help from the list below, learn about the organizations that serve and support those people, and pick ONE organization to support today. Maybe you drive there and volunteer for the day, or maybe today you simply do the work of setting up a day for you and your family to go there to serve. You might even spend today learning how you can help that organization in other ways, like advocating for them in our community or collecting and delivering needed items. This is your opportunity to begin serving AND working for justice (see today's reflection questions below):

  • People Living in Poverty Overseas (or in need of emergency relief from natural disasters or war): Catholic Relief Services

Friday Teen Reflection Questions While Serving:

While serving today, think about these things: 

  • Charity and justice are two different things. Most of the service we do at GSP each year is "charity" - good works that help people by meeting their immediate needs or serve the day-to-day mission of an organization. Working for justice means acting in ways that will change social and cultural structures. Both are demanded of us as Christians. They are sometimes called the "Two Feet of Love in Action," and both feet - charity and justice - are needed to walk or move forward, to become prophets of real change.

  • Which am I drawn more to: charity or justice?

  • How could I really help bring about change and work for justice by getting involved with the organization I've chosen?  

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