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GSP Just for Parents

Notes for Parents:

To be prophets of change is not easy. But young people have a God-given, innate sense of justice that the Church does not want to squash. Rather, Pope Francis encourages young people to utilize that inherent desire for the world to be more just, calling them to raise their voices as prophets of change. He admits that we adults - often worn by the cares of the world - would do well to remember and need to be reminded of the youthful desire for goodness and hope for real justice. We cannot give up on the hope for a better world and society.

  1. Your teen is being asked to learn about some local agencies and to pick one agency to learn about and help. They might need your assistance to select one that they can realistically help. 

  2. Ask them why they chose to help the group of people they chose (e.g. the homeless, migrants, kids in foster care), and really listen to their answer. What's behind their reply? How can you support the deeper longings of your child's heart?

  3. Follow up: help ensure that your teen follows through with their act of service to the organization they chose, and support them in continuing to help that agency on a regular basis. 

  4. In general, how have I set an example of love and service in our home? How could I challenge myself and my family to get out of the walls of our home and go out to serve people who need us?

  5. These are the questions that we will be asking on Zoom call. It's ok to ask your child some of these questions:​

  • Wow, it's Friday. What's been the best part of this week for you?

  • Brian talked about our call to do MORE. He mentioned four things, but what do you think you are being called to do?

  • Stop doing something I used to do before

  • Stop neglecting people in my life

  • Let family members know I appreciate them

  • Go to church on Sundays and let god into my life

  • Pope Francis is calling us to be prophets or protagonists of change, to selflessly "run into the fire" (don't really run into fire - it's dangerous!) on behalf of others. What do you think that means, and what might it look like in your life? 

  • What is one takeaway for you this week, one thing you heard or learned or that had an impact on you?

  • What do you need to help you live as a Good Samaritan in your daily life? How can we, your community, help you be a prophet of change?


 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.

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