Frequently Asked Questions

This page identifies the changes made for 2020. As more is known regarding our plans for 2021, we will be sure to post that information here!

Is GSP Still Happening?

YES! Our communities need Good Samaritans to step up and help us return to normal.

Will this program be held at Bishop McLaughlin? 

No. The safety and well-being of our teens, chaperones, and recipients of our service is our highest priority. Due to issues surrounding Covid-19, we are looking to minimize the exposure.

How can I Participate?

1. Parishes and schools with staff and volunteers (and a high comfort level) can spend part or all of the day on campus. 


2. Parishes and schools with staff and volunteers (and a lower comfort level) can spend the week gathering online. The amount of time together online is determined by the leaders and the teens. We would recommend that each group participate in brief Zoom calls and share the group leader's screen to watch the morning show, Mass, as well as the tonight show and the keynote. 


3. Parishes and schools without staff or volunteers (or the ability to accompany teens during this week) can still invite teens and families to participate on their own. Everything listed below will be made available to the public and sent out through our various channels of communication (i.e. Flocknote, Instagram, and Facebook). Growth, service, prayer, community, and leadership can still be achieved!! This approach will still provide teens and families with a great experience.

Who can Participate?

The 2020 Good Samaritan Project will be open to anyone entering 6th grade through their senior year of high school. If families plan to implement this program together, then anyone can participate. Our content, including morning/evening shows, Mass homilies, keynote addresses and resources, will be geared to those in 6th grade and above. 

I am graduating/graduated high school, can I participate?

Yes! Anyone between the ages of 18-25 can serve in a special role called the "Project Team". You will be asked to participate in online planning sessions. During the week of GSP, you will be asked to help out either your parish/school or the traveling GSP team.  Applications open on Wednesday May 27th. It will be made available on our website.

2020 Program

What elements will be included with this year's program?

We are currently developing content for the week. This content will be made available for parishes, schools, teens, young adults, and families to use at their choosing throughout the summer. These elements will be made available on our website, Flocknote, Instagram, and Facebook. It will include:

    -A daily morning show
    -Daily challenges on how to provide service to our communities
    -Daily Live-streamed Mass with Fr. Chuck
    -A daily evening show with Ryan and Kyle
    -A daily keynote address by a youth ministry leader
    -Eucharistic Adoration with talk and guided prayer
    -Divine Mercy chaplet at night
    -Instagram posts highlight parishes and the hard work of our teens and their families out serving
    -Our Good Samaritan Project website will be chock full of resources and videos for our teens and families to have access to so           they can dive as deep into our theme as they wish.
    -Instagram Live elements during the day (the vision for this will be discerned more over the next few weeks)
    -Optional large group events during the week on Zoom or Instagram live
    -Parish and school visits by members of the GSP staff and team

How do I sign up?​

Our registration is live!


To register with your parish or school. You can access registration on our website.

My parish or school is not registered as going to GSP, can I still attend?

We have created a group called “My Parish Isn’t Registered”. This will allow individuals from across the diocese (and beyond) to still register. This will allow the Good Samaritan Project Staff to send daily emails and reminder to watch our videos, participate in our challenges, join us for live-stream masses and prayer services, and to serve to community.

We have also created a group for parents and adults. If you have signed your teen up, you will be automatically signed up to receive our daily emails. This registration option allows us to know that you are planning to participate in the program as well! This option will still allow parents to participate in our programming, even if your teen decides not to be a part of GSP 2020. Adults, you can even get a t-shirt of your own! (Our expectations are that adults are participating virtually or at home with their family. They should not plan to participate in elements on campus unless approval is given by the group leader.)



Do I have to register for GSP?

Technically, you don't need to register. Our links and resources will still be live and active during the week. You can still fully serve, pray, and learn by visiting our website and following us on Instagram and Facebook. But, in registering we know for sure that you are a part of our GSP team and you will receive our daily communication! Please join the team.



How much does GSP Cost?

This year, the cost for each participant will vary by parish. Their price will be used to cover expenses such as meals, supplies, transportation to service sites, GSP t-shirt(s), and a small donation to a charity of each group's choosing.

Each registered teen will receive one GSP t-shirt as part of their fees paid to their parish. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for students or family members.

How and where will we serve?

For the parishes and schools that are planning to meet on site, they will be working on various projects on the church grounds, helping prepare schools for the next school year, and serving at nearby non-profit agencies. 


For those parishes and schools not meeting on site, we will be creating a list of suggested ideas for service to do at home or nearby. These recommendations will be projects easily attainable for individuals and families. This list will continue to be updated as we receive recommendations.

On our website, we will be highlighting some of the service sites that we have served at in the past. Despite not being able to serve alongside these wonderful organizations, we hope you can enter into solidarity with them during the week as we continue to pray for their ministries and find small ways to support them from a distance.  If teens and families are interested and comfortable, you are more than welcome to reach out to these organizations and offer your services.


Will we be able to receive service hours?

For those groups serving together on location, they will be able to receive service hours through their church or school. The hours awards may vary depending on each group's service schedules. 

For those group not serving together on location, the Diocese of St Petersburg and the Good Samaritan Project will not awarding service hours because it will be too difficult for us to monitor the service done during this week. Instead, we will be working with parish and school leaders to help individuals create a plan of action for at home service. Upon completion and approval of the leader, the parish or school can award an agreed amount of hours.

What do we need to bring?

This will vary by parish and parish plans for the week. 


We would still ask each teen and family to consider donating canned goods, clothes, and baby items (diapers, wipes, etc). 


Have other questions? 

Email Parish/School Leader 


 The GSP Director

Ryan Phelan at

 This ministry is supported through the Diocese of St. Petersburg and donations to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.