GSP 2020 Schedule

6:30pm                 Parish Zoom Call

                                             -Parish Intros of all present

                                             -Youth Minister goes to Instagram and shares screen at 6:55 pm       

7:00pm                 The Tonight Show with Kyle and Ryan (Instagram Live)

                                              -Opening monologue: Welcome/Banter/Intros

                                              -Games: Think Jimmy Fallon, on video (pre-recorded, youth minister interaction)

                                              -How is this week going to work?

                                              -Intro to Hannah

                                              -Praise and Worship

                                              -Intro to Speaker

                                              -Interactive Talk (15 minutes)

                                              -Directions for Tomorrow

                                              -Closing Prayer

                                              -Directions for Remainder of Evening (sample tootsie roll challenge by Kyle)


8:00pm                 Parish Time via Zoom

                                               -At Home “Messy” Games – Tootsie Roll challenge?

                                               -Discussion (questions provided)


                                               -We can give guidance for this time


9:00pm                 Goodnight/See you Tomorrow at 8:30am!






8:30am                 Log into Zoom – Group leaders to check in. How is everyone this morning? Questions?


9:00am                 Mornings are Better with Melissa and Mike (Video Show) – Screen Share via Zoom


                                              -Today’s Fake News with Miggy and Cole and others

                                              -Intro to Theme (brief talk) - Very brief Scripture-related reflection

                                              -Announcements/Directions for Today’s Service


9:30am                 Daily Mass with Fr. Chuck (30 minutes), Screen Shared 


10:00am               YM checks in with Teens – Do you understand how the day will go? Questions?


                *Youth Ministers/Team members check in individually with every teen/family during the day.

                *Flocknote encouragements/reminders sent by GSP Team during the day.


10:15am               Morning Shift of Service (with breaks as needed)


12:00pm               Morning Hashtag Pic Upload


12:15pm               Lunch


1:00pm                 Afternoon Shift of Service (with breaks as needed)


2:45pm                 Afternoon Hashtag Pic Upload


3:00pm                 OPTIONAL Non-Gathered Free Time:

                                Games with Project Team (and/or youth ministers) to Lead/Moderate.


4:00pm                 SHOWER/DINNER BREAK


6:30pm                 Log Back into Zoom: Share about today’s service, reflect on it (questions provided)


7:00pm                The Tonight Show with Kyle and Ryan (Instagram Live) 


                                                -Interactive Monologue

                                                -Stories from the Day


                                                -Praise and Worship

                                                -Interactive Talk (15 minutes)

                                                -Directions for Remainder of Evening


7:45pm                 Parish Time


                                                -Open Today’s Envelope!

                                                -Fun Game

                                                -Discussion (questions provided)


8:15pm                 Closing: A 30 minute activity to end on a high note!


                                                -Tues: Rosary

                                                -Wed: John Levi Concert

                                                -Thurs: Divine Mercy Chaplet

                                                -Fri: Spirit FM Live-on-Air Dance Party


9:00pm                 Good Night/See you tomorrow!

Tuesday - Friday